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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What Is GPS?

            GPS stands for Global Positioning Service and it is the best way of getting un-lost yet invented. There are many people around the world who can't read maps for one reason or another so installing a GPS in your car or even carrying it in your handbag as you strive to reach new destinations is a real time saver.
phone gps and tracker
Map reading is a skill that isn't always taught in schools so unless you joined the boy scouts or girl guides, you may never have been shown the proper way to read a map. There is no doubt about it, in today's world map reading is a life skill.
As our cities get bigger and our populations larger; new roads get opened up and new suburbs get built to deal with this influx of humanity. People have to be housed and the way houses are built today means that new streets are added monthly to our larger more populated regions. When you want to find a business or to visit friends or relatives in their homes or places of business, a person needs to be able to find them.
GPS 's Save Time
Unless you are familiar with the area in which they live, finding new addresses isn't easy. If you can read a map - even upside down and turned around - will eventually get you to where you want to go. But believe me, you can suffer a lot of stress, horn blasts, wasted petrol (gas) while you drive around looking for the next turn. Once you have a GPS installed in your car and you have learned how to set the address correctly, you can drive anywhere that you want to go.
Trade Businesses need a GPS
Have you ever spared a thought for Plumbers and Electricians finding your place when they receive a job request from you? Your house is one among many and too often the street signs are missing, vandalised or the number on your house is microscopic. These people need to find addresses fast simply because to them, time is money. Every small trade business today should have installed in their vehicle a GPS.
GPS's Can Track Vehicles too
Are you a small business owner with a fleet of Tradespeople and like to know where they are or even if they are 'on-the-job'? In the past when vehicles weren't equipped with a GPS they could be anywhere and just calling them up and asking them where they were, wasn't always going to give you the right information.
Knowing what is GPS and the advantages and limitations it offers can save time, petrol and even relationships - well, certainly a lot of domestics. Map reading is a life skill that not everyone has. 

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