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Thursday, 25 April 2013

3 Steps To BLOG Your Way to a Dream Career at Home

Applying a solution to common problems is the way to go in any business including blogging but one of the elements that blogging guru's really leave out of the equation is the requisite talent required to pull together all the necessary pieces to be a financially successful blogger (writing skills, creative skills, marketing skills, experience, etc.).
Remarkable, original blogs (and writing) will win an audience. Then we just have to understand what needs our blogs are meeting and who their audiences are if we want to monetize them.
1)If you want to make money in the real world, solve real problems. 
You need a niche market that people are interested and that can offer decent organic traffic. The fact that people are searching the Internet in order to find solutions to their problems is no longer a secret. See what the problems are in your niche market and offer as much free advices and content as you can. For example an entrepreneur may want to make more money ( return on investment), less hassle, ease of change, easily transition into ownership.
2)Build a relationship with your readers. 
Bloggers who make any kind of money are just building trust and credibility with their readers. In other words, it's not blogging that makes you money; it's the relationship you build with your readers.
Blog to build a relationship. Use the relationship to discover a need. Solve a need to make money... oh wait. That sounds like a business model.
3)You need a business model.
 If you approach blogging as a business, you can learn to make money with it. If you don't have a strong business model, you're not going to make money and just being popular doesn't mean that you make money. If you simply refuse to quit until you make money, and you accept that you may need to try different approaches until you get it right, you'll make it work. If you approach it as a way to get famous, or you fall in love with any one topic/persona/approach, your odds start to get worse.

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3 Ways To Get Your Blog Read

It's frustrating when you write a blog and nobody reads it, so what measures can you take to get your blog read?
When writing a blog it is important to remember that it can take a long time, even months, for your blog to rank and be shown on Google. It is a case of having to be consistent in writing a blog every day until eventually your blogs actually start to rank. So what can you do in the meantime to drive traffic to your blog quicker, especially if you want to make money from blogging?
Here are 3 ways to help get your blog read;
1. Let Your Social Media Followers Know
Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a great way to promote your blog. Simply include a link to your blog within your post or tweet and your followers will be click on the link. If you have engaged well with your followers then many of them will take the time to read your blog, especially if you have always provided good quality content.
Posting a quick 5-10 minute video using the same keywords as your blog can also be an effective way of getting your blog read as lots of people use keywords to search for videos on sites like YouTube. Therefore your video can be found and viewed by a large audience without even having ranked on search engines like Google. Take care to also include a link within your YouTube video.
2. Post On Forums
Posting your blogs on forums can also be an effective way of making sure that your blog gets read. Simply join forums that are niche to your topic and start engaging with other users by commenting on other people’s content and posting your own content too. Warrior forum and Betternetworker forums are examples of forums that are niche for work from home or internet marketing opportunities.
3. Document Sharing
Document sharing is another great way to promote your blog. Simply use a site like to format your blog into a pdf document or a PowerPoint. You can then share the document on to document sharing sites. Some examples of effective document sharing sites are docstoc, box and slideshare.
Driving traffic to your blog through ranking on the search engines is a long term success plan and will eventually reap rewards if you remain consistent in your efforts. However if you want to get your blog read sooner, especially if you want to make money blogging, then using the above methods will help you to attract readers to your blog straight away.
Writing blogs is one of the ways that I personally make money from home-It's a great way to start a home business as it has low start up costs, is easy to do and is also great fun! If you would like me to help YOU make money from blogging just check out my website and simply click on “internet income" section".

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Why People Fail In Online Business

It's no secret that 44% of new businesses in the real world close their doors within the first two years of opening them. In the first four years, 66% of small businesses fail. In the online world, the numbers are worse. Everything is faster on the internet and that includes the deterioration of new businesses. 95% of online businesses fail and they fail in a matter of months.
Disheartening? It doesn't have to be. You can learn from other people's mistakes. Other people's successes in the online world drove you to want to start your online business. Their failures can help you.
Who wouldn't prefer to avoid rush hour traffic in the morning on the way to the office and in the evening on the way home from the office? And everybody hates their boss. Even if you like your boss, you prefer not to have a boss at all. That's the allure of the internet. Making money in your pajamas and answering to yourself.
It's also one of the biggest reasons people fail in online business. They have to answer to themselves. When you first venture into being your own boss, it's extremely tempting to slack off on your work hours. It's even more tempting if you work from home. You have the television, video games, the refrigerator, the children and the spouse all to distract you. Being your own boss takes more discipline than having a job where you take orders from someone else.The reality is that in some aspects, being your own boss can be more demanding than a job. Your businesses success and failure hinges on how much work you put into it.
Many online businesses fail because the owners dive into the venture with the wrong mindset. They try to take brick-and-mortar concepts and apply them to the internet. The internet is a different monster than a brick-and-mortar retail shop. With a brick-and-mortar retail shop, you start with a great location and you build a beautiful store, a little advertising and the customers come. Online business owners put all kinds of money into building beautiful websites and then sit back and wait for the business to come to them.
It doesn't work like the late night infomercials tell you that it does. That brick-and-mortar retail store competes with only the other four or five retail stores in that plaza. You build your beautiful site and it competes with millions of other websites. Now, how are people supposed to find your needle in that haystack? Search engine optimization would be a good start. Create a site that the search engines love. Hopefully, your site shows up at the top of the search engine results (this is prime real estate on the internet). But in order to do that, you have to plan accordingly.
Lack of planning kills any business. It's extremely detrimental to internet businesses. For an internet business to succeed, there has to a comprehensive plan that includes website design, the focus of your business, marketing strategies, fulfillment strategies, and strategies to handle customer complaints. Most new internet businesses have no focus. The owner just knows that he wants to start a business online. He has some idea in his head that he wants to sell video games, for example. Unfortunately, he has not created a plan to differentiate himself from the other million and one websites that sell video games. He becomes a speck in the dust.
In order to properly plan, the online business owner has to have knowledge of every aspect of his business, marketing strategies others in the field are employing with success, and the knowledge of internet marketing. Most online businesses fail because the owner jumps into the business powered by his dreams of financial success or freedom from a traditional job. They fail to take the time to learn the intricacies and strategies of internet marketing and what it takes to succeed in an online business.
An online business needs three factors in order to achieve success. The business has to generate traffic, keep constant contact with customer and close the sale. Even brick-and-mortar businesses can't survive if they have no customers. Online businesses are the same way. If no one visits your website, then you can't make any money. Many new online business owners, their first time starting a business online, expect that simply having their website online will generate business. It doesn't. They've gone several months before realizing that they have to generate traffic on their own. By then, it's too late for them to learn how to use internet marketing to their advantage. They've already spent tons of money launching the business, warehousing products, and shelling out for expenses.
Some people have the luck of hiring a website design firm who has explained to their customer that they will need site optimization, and probably offered traffic generation services. It's great to get traffic. But you're going to be throwing your hands up in the air in surrender when you have a thousand customers a day to your site and still aren't making any money. That's because you've failed to grab hold of this prospect and not let him walk out of the door. Online businesses have an advantage over brick-and-mortar businesses. It's easier for an online business to capture email addresses and information about customers than it is for brick-and-mortar business. Unfortunately, some online business owners actually fail to do this. Simply capturing email addresses gives you the opportunity to invite this prospect back to your site. Too many business owners take this same mentality into their online business. You can't be afraid to ask for the sale. If you never ask for the sale, how do you know if you will every get it or not?
Finally, the greatest tragedy of all online business failures is neglecting the use of the tracking capabilities of the internet. The internet is such an amazing tool for tracking and measuring statistics. It's unbelievable how many online business owners fail to track and measure their efforts. This probably is a byproduct of improper planning. But even planning without tracking and measuring results is pointless. Because of the lack of tracking, you could end up spending more money into advertising efforts that aren't working and less time and money on efforts that do work.
Your online business doesn't have to fail. Educating yourself on internet marketing and operating and online business will build your self-assurance. Constructing a plan for your business will help you develop the discipline you need to keep your business moving in the right direction. Don't allow your online business to fail when it's so easy to get the tools to succeed.

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Make Money Online

In this day and age, many individuals are starting to make money online. Then, you have those who try to make money on the Internet, but fail. Why do they fail? They fail because they did not do enough research to gain an understanding of exactly what they need to do to make money... or maybe it's because they chose a niche that was not interesting to a lot of people. Whatever the reason may be, we are here to help you succeed at making cash online. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you some tips that will take you a step closer to earning revenue on the pc.
Find a Good Niche
To start with, it is important that you put a lot of research into the niche. You want a niche that people are interested in, but at the same time, it should be something that you know about. By choosing a niche you know about, you will already have a passion for your work and that right there puts you a step closer to success.
Create a Website
Once you have chosen your niche, you need to create a website. The URL is extremely important - it should have your main keyword in it. For example, if you are creating a site on dogs, it should have the word "dog" in there.
Write Content
Once you have your site up and running, you must have content on the site. The content needs to be interesting and informative. If you are not able to write the articles yourself, there are plenty of article writers who need a job on the Internet. The content you place on your site should have good grammar (Google doesn't like bad grammar). Also, when writing the articles, it is important that you pick the best keywords.
Never Trick People
You should NEVER trick people into coming to your site. If you trick people into coming to your site, you will lose viewers, because those people will never go back to your site. Honestly, people do not like being tricked and this is a good way to have your site labeled "spam." There are many popular tricks to getting good, organic traffic to your site.
If you are really into creating an online business that will allow you to make money online, then you have to put your all into it. Creating an online business is going to take a lot of time, but it is well worth it.

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Easy Online Profits! The FASTEST Way to Earn $1000 a Week Online

What is the fastest way to earn an extra $1000 a week online? Is starting a blog the answer? Or, what about selling affiliate products? Is it difficult to earn great money with Google Ad Sense or contextual advertising? Or maybe I need to become a social media superstar to earn enough to finally quit my day job?
 like hundreds of thousands of other people out there right now... you are ready to quit, and throw in the towel altogether, and give up on the internet marketing dream once and for all? Any of these questions sound familiar? If they DO... this article was written with YOU in mind.
Filed Under: The fastest way to earn an extra $1000 a week online
The truth is, the very best way to build a viable, valuable and enduring online business is having something of your own to sell. And in 2013, it's really not good enough anymore to sell high priced digital products or downloads, simply because the marketplace has shifted 180 degrees in just the last few years. (you can now buy 300 page courses on Amazon for 5 bucks or less, to learn the very same things the "gurus" were charging thousands for in 2009, and more than anything else, that has revolutionized the way we pay to learn, or for information going forward)
The best way to earn great money has ALWAYS been to take something you love,and have genuine expertise in, and teach it, coach it, train it or mentor it to others who share your PASSION, but don't have your expertise.
The key to have several different levels of service, and the way you deliver them.
(both personal and groups)
For example -
- If you can get 10 clients to pay you $100 a week for your services, you are already at your goal (and that's NOT a hard obstacle to hit).
- If you can get 30 people to register for a simple online webinar for $33 each, you are getting your goal as well.
If you can do BOTH, which you should... you can either double your income, or do better in one area while you grow the other.
Here is ANOTHER easy idea that no one ever tries outside of the "IM" space... yet can explode your business, in a real world marketplace - quite literally overnight.
Find a good real world affiliate offer that pays you really generously, and offer your OWN services as a back end bonus for signing up.
For example - I know of a psychic service that pays $150 to their affiliates for every referral and the client (or caller) only needs to spend $20. (The psychic service knows that many of the $20 trial readings will translate into thousands of dollars of future revenue, so they offer this great incentive to affiliates).
One of my clients, who IS a spiritual/intuitive life coach... offers free sessions to folks who try a trial psychic reading with this service, meaning that she earns $150 as an affiliate, the client gets a free session with her (a $200 savings) AND a low cost psychic reading from someone else to boot.
Everybody wins... AND, about 50% of the people who take her up on this offer come back later, or become full time future coaching clients. (Meaning she earns far more than $150 for giving away that initial free session).
You are TRULY only limited by your content... and your creativity. There is no box you need to stick yourself in to stifle your sales, or your success. Think wide - think deep and think multiple income channels, and think about doing what you LOVE for a living, and you'll get there far faster than the "gurus" want you to believe is possible, I promise!
NEW for Coaches, Consultants, Teachers, Trainers, Mentors, Marketers and PASSION Professionals: Want the SECRET to earning 
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What Is GPS?

            GPS stands for Global Positioning Service and it is the best way of getting un-lost yet invented. There are many people around the world who can't read maps for one reason or another so installing a GPS in your car or even carrying it in your handbag as you strive to reach new destinations is a real time saver.
phone gps and tracker
Map reading is a skill that isn't always taught in schools so unless you joined the boy scouts or girl guides, you may never have been shown the proper way to read a map. There is no doubt about it, in today's world map reading is a life skill.
As our cities get bigger and our populations larger; new roads get opened up and new suburbs get built to deal with this influx of humanity. People have to be housed and the way houses are built today means that new streets are added monthly to our larger more populated regions. When you want to find a business or to visit friends or relatives in their homes or places of business, a person needs to be able to find them.
GPS 's Save Time
Unless you are familiar with the area in which they live, finding new addresses isn't easy. If you can read a map - even upside down and turned around - will eventually get you to where you want to go. But believe me, you can suffer a lot of stress, horn blasts, wasted petrol (gas) while you drive around looking for the next turn. Once you have a GPS installed in your car and you have learned how to set the address correctly, you can drive anywhere that you want to go.
Trade Businesses need a GPS
Have you ever spared a thought for Plumbers and Electricians finding your place when they receive a job request from you? Your house is one among many and too often the street signs are missing, vandalised or the number on your house is microscopic. These people need to find addresses fast simply because to them, time is money. Every small trade business today should have installed in their vehicle a GPS.
GPS's Can Track Vehicles too
Are you a small business owner with a fleet of Tradespeople and like to know where they are or even if they are 'on-the-job'? In the past when vehicles weren't equipped with a GPS they could be anywhere and just calling them up and asking them where they were, wasn't always going to give you the right information.
Knowing what is GPS and the advantages and limitations it offers can save time, petrol and even relationships - well, certainly a lot of domestics. Map reading is a life skill that not everyone has. 

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3 Steps For Project Success..

   It's when all team members are engaged and working proactively to get things done. During my work with several non-profit organizations involved in service projects, I learned a few universal principles that helped me get buy-in from my team.
General Rule
The general rule is that people buy into a cause. They want to know that they are doing something that serves a purpose, is in service of other people or for a greater good. When people buy into a cause, they want to contribute to it. They care about the cause, perhaps because of the benefit to themselves, but in any event, most people get their fulfillment by contributing to it. To bring that towards your projects and project team, there are three steps.
1. Set the Vision. As the project manager, you are the lead. People look to you to set the vision, be in the forefront and paint a picture for them. Paint the picture of how your project is for a cause, or what it's about. Projects are funded for a reason. Resources are being allocated for a cause. It just may be that team members do not know what it is, or have lost the vision for why they are doing what they are doing. Companies are doing more with less-less people and time-sometimes just cutting to the chase and going directly to producing deliverables.
2. Place "Them" In It. Place each person on your project team in the vision; let them see themselves as an important team member, and what their role is contributing.
3. Encourage and Support Them. It is most critical for the project manager to always encourage good behaviors by verbally acknowledging work done well, and also to ask how to be a support to them. Many times team members get stuck; they are asked to do things they are not trained to do, or have not had any experience with; offer to help support them, to get the resources they need to get things done.
Odd Twist
                In almost every case an odd little twist happens when you've set the vision, placed them in it, encouraged and supported them: your project team takes it upon themselves to celebrate the end results. They do not expect someone else or the project manager to do it for them. If you've ever seen celebratory movements for service projects, you will notice that they celebrate along the way and together as a unit.
Jennifer Bridges is a speaker, trainer, Certified Performance Coach, author, and company president of She is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and knows how difficult it can be to make time for classroom or online learning so she has developed a new way for Project Managers to Earn n' Learn while on the go.
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Rajasthani Painting - A Glorius Tradition of Indian Arts in Medival Period

Rajasthani paintings were favorably nurtured in medieval India, with the encouragement and financial help from the kings of several independent states of Rajasthan. They were also termed as Rajputana paintings, as the land of Rajasthan was popularly known as Rajputana too in medieval India, between 16th to 19th century.
                It was one of the most popular forms of medieval Indian art, parallel to the Mughal form of arts which received the maximum patronage during that specific period. But it differs from Mughal paintings in its choice of subjects, use of colors and the depiction of the human figures in those paintings. Rajasthani paintings were drawn mostly on religious topics, like stories of Radha Krishna or chapters from Ramayana and Mahabharata. The human figures all were shown to be wearing Hindu attires, more modest and pious in nature than the subjects of Mughal paintings which were much more boldly drawn and had no religious touch in them. The landscape paintings of Rajasthani form showed the rough and sandy features of the desert land of Rajasthan, while Mughal paintings emphasized on the background of colorful gardens and pleasant landscape as liked by the Mughal rulers.
                Like quite a few other contemporary Indian art forms, Rajputana art also used several natural colors, derived from plant body parts, rocky minerals, even powdered precious stones and fine particles of gold and silver. These great artists never used any chemical colors to create their paintings. They crafted fine brushes from plant twigs and hairs from tails of squirrels to paint their pictures. The pictures were drawn not only on papers or canvas, but superb paintings had been made on the walls and ceilings of many famous Rajput palaces and forts built during that era, like City Palace in Udaipur. But the most impressive form of Rajasthani painting was miniature paintings; made mostly on silk, wood and paper; but some miniature paintings were also created on ivory and marbles.
                Many schools of paintings flourished during that period, depending on their specific characteristics and the particular regions where they were developed. Some of these popular schools of Rajasthani paintings are Mewar School of painting, Marwar School of painting, Bundi paintings and Kishangarh paintings. Even Kangra and Kulu schools of paintings were included in the Rajasthani form of arts, due to their distinctive nature of paintings.
                Rajasthani painting is revered as an ancient and very progressive form of painting till today among the painting lovers of the world.
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Monday, 22 April 2013

Do This, Be Happy…

Being happy is good for our health and our business. Since my work life is equally divided between health and business coaching, I recognize in people the correlation between the state of their minds and their success in their bodies and with their businesses..

1.     When you hear someone describe something about herself in an arena in which you have no personal desire, but it makes her happy, jump on her happy train and be happy for her. Let's say that someone lost twenty pounds and was thrilled. Even if you don't personally need or want to lose any weight, you can experience someone's happiness by proxy. Imagine that someone else's happiness is contagious. By feeling her happiness, you can experience more for yourself.

2.     When you hear someone describe something about himself that matches a desire that you have, even if that person achieved one of your dreams, be happy knowing that what you want is an achievable desire. Let's say that you know someone who achieved a new rank in her network marketing business. Let's say that you want to be able to achieve that same rank. That someone was able to manifest this rank level puts it in the air as something that can actually occur. It would be smart of you to celebrate this person's happiness because her accomplishment makes yours more real. "Rank advancement happens". Manage any jealousy or negative self-talk.
3.     If something happens and you are not pleased with it, take a few moments to ask yourself what is perfect about this. Recently my husband and I were going to go to Chicago, and then we did not go. I was very disappointed. I asked myself what was perfect about this. I discovered that by staying in town I was able to go water skiing twice, have a fantastic evening with some friends who came over for dinner, and help some other friends move. I was so pleased with this discovery! When you do this, you can always come back to (fill in the blank) disappointment, anger, sadness... But you might feel better and choose to remain happy.
For more information and to receive any of MANOHAR PATIL  please visit To have Rosie speak to a group of entrepreneurs, college students, network marketers, and business owners,.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Easy Digital Photography Techniques for Beginners.

There are lots of methods to find out how to use your camera, but do these things make you a more productive photographer? The answer to that is "maybe". You see, the camera is just a tool to generate creative photos. It depends on how that tool is utilized that determines the greatest and most stunning photographs.
Essential Digital Photography Techniques:
To get spectacular pictures we first need to look at some fundamental photography techniques. The initial one I am able to share with you is find out about light. Anytime you learn about light and in what way it interacts with the direct environment then your photos will get better.
Examine shape and form- Where you place things in the photo is next. Continually consider the angles and shapes of the things you are shooting. Do they generate a balanced image that is satisfying to the eye? One method to master the techniques linked to photographing ideal composition is to see where these things guide our eye. Each time look for a balance and simplicity. Put into practice these things by taking photos of straightforward things that have nice straight lines, or curved lines and proportioned patterns. Do not have anything else in the surroundings.
A nice way to get started with this creative method is photographing architecture. Architecture is filled with lines. Take shots of walls, angles in the walls, look at where these lines direct us and the way it looks as a photo. This is great practice. This system of looking for symmetry will really improve your photography, tenfold in fact.
Easy Photography Techniques - Examining light
One of the simplest techniques I know is to examine and study light. Try this: every time you take a look at something, observe how intense the light is, what direction it is coming from, the amount of darks and lights it generates and the color of that light. For the next 7 days, whenever you photograph something, write down what you saw and then how it appeared as a photo.
Once you have effectively understood this skill begin shooting your lines and curves. If you start taking photos in this manner you will notice that a) your technical skill increases and b) your photos begin to look artistic and a whole lot more interesting. It's not just simple to do, but a lot of fun. You will begin to feel like you are experiencing a link with light.
Your comprehension of light improves. As your appreciation improves, so do your photos. You will start to recognize what will work as a photograph just by looking at the scene in front of you. It's a fantastically positive and empowering feeling.
Better Photography Techniques
Enhanced photography techniques come with training. Practice takes time. Time needs dedication and a willingness to learn. One of the things that helped me to understand photography was the exploration of light and shape. An additional useful thing you can do is to write everything down in a notebook. Before you shoot write down notes about the light.
• Notice how much light
• What direction it is coming from
• How much contrast it creates
• The colour of that light.
Then, if you are shooting in automatic, note down what the internal light meter is telling you as you point the camera to that scene. Make a note of the shutter speed and f stop it wishes to shoot at. (It will be incorrect and generally underexposed, but more about that another time.)
Then, switch your cameras mode to manual and alter the adjustments to what the auto setting just said. It will be wrong, so make sure you put the dial in the center, or slightly to the right hand side of the middle.
Subsequently, look at the lines and shape of the subjects in your photograph. Where do they guide your eyes? Are there any distracting elements in the scene that you really don't need?
Imagine that picture as a two dimensional medium and look again. Is there someone in the way? A tall tree that doesn't really look like it makes sense to be there? A lot of cars whizzing by that detracts from the drama and power of the construction? Every time ask yourself these things prior to photographing.
Digital Photography Professional Techniques
One of the greatest ways to become good at photography is becoming good at a photo editing program. Photoshop is an incredibly superb tool to have but it takes time to become skilled at it. It's very complex to the newbie so take some formal classes if you need to.
You can also learn Light room, which is a less complicated adaptation of Photoshop. It's less complicated to learn and you may not always need official instruction. Whichever way you decide to go, specialist methods come from not only better photography and shooting techniques but approaches in post processing.
Post processing is a term given to editing, sharpening and improving your photos in a software program. There are so many incredibly remarkable special effects you can apply in both Photoshop and Light room. Darkening the outer areas of a photo and increasing color and contrast are just some of the simple functions within both programs. You can also add objects that were not there beforehand. You also have the capability to remove distracting things in the background.
These programs are dynamic for wedding and portrait photography as you can add depth to color, generate softness for skin tones, and make facial features glow and the eyes sparkle. A whole new world opens up to you after you realize what Photoshop and Light room can do, and, how much better your photos can appear.
You can become preoccupied for hours when you are post processing, so become skilled at good techniques. The last thing you want to do is spend 1 hour taking pictures and 6 hours editing all your photos. The faster your post processing methods are the better photographer you turn out to be.
On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography
The worst way to use your flash in wedding and portrait photography is directly front-on. First, others detest the flash being blasted in their eyes. Secondly, the direct flash is not really designed for front on use (except if it's a unique circumstance, in which case it would be turned down to its lowest brightness.) The flash is meant for filling in the shadows.
Professionals usually have an external flash and point it up to the ceiling, to the side or position something over it to minimize its strong, white effects. I never ever use flash front-on for weddings and portraits since the light is too bright.
When we shoot with light that's bright and white on a person's face, we waste a lot of the subtle and softer details of a persons face. It makes people look horrible in photos!
Digital Black and White Photography Techniques
Techniques for shooting in black and white are no different to shooting in color. However, on saying that, you may want to shoot black and white subjects with the intention of creating a black and white photo. That's okay too. If you feel like some really beautiful black and white photos then try to shoot items that have a naturally strong contrast. For example a white sign with black letters in front of a silver building may look really well suited. A person's face with red lipstick and intense eye makeup looks great in black and white.
Digital Photography Lighting Techniques
I have covered how to assess light and how to employ the flash properly, but what about ambient light? Ambient light is the light that exists in the environment we are shooting in. Light from a window that fills a room is regarded as ambient light for example. It's vital to take note of ambient light just as much as other light sources.
Ambient light is reflected light. It's light that comes from a light source and fills up the environment without a noticeable direction. This is very critical to take note of as it determines how you photograph the scene. If you have heaps of ambient light you may have light evenly spread all the way through your photo. This is nice.
But what if that's not the effect you care for? What if you want a moody and somber result instead? In that situation, you would try and photograph whilst the intense light source is at an angle. Using a directional light that generates strong shadows can really create a moody photograph.
The way light is contained within a scene has an effect on the way you take the photo and the capture the emotion of the photo. This is very crucial, do not forget this.
Canon Photography Techniques
I got asked last week what camera I owned. I replied a "5D Mark Two". It impressed the person I was talking too. The fact is that no matter what digital camera you shoot with you will still want to get behind the principles of good photography and get good at them. There is in fact no such thing as specific photography methods for a Canon and a set of unique tricks and techniques for a Nikon camera. It's still picture making and light is one of your most important concerns.
The main reason I use a Dslr is for the reason that I require more management over my image making. I want to be able to amend my focal length and have various types of lenses on the camera if I want. I also require the chance for high speed photography if the occasion calls for it.
I also want a really fast shutter speed at times. A really fast shutter speed takes place when you use a fast lens. This will mean that the maximum aperture of the lens is pretty wide. A lot of light can come in to the lens and you have additional light to work with. You may get a fast shutter speed this way.
Dslr cameras have more controls such as a high ISO, multiple shots per second, the ability for interchangeable lenses, the functionality to have an external flash and a lot more. You will still be able to get beautiful shots with a compact camera, but soon you will start feeling limited in what you can do.
To really become good at photography it's most ideal to be taught by a person who is experienced at it. This comprehension can save you years of errors and disappointments. Learn to master light, where you place things in the photo, your digital camera and you will have the structure to be an amazing photographer.
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Improving Your PC Speed: 4 Easy Tips For Windows 7 Step by Step

Tip #1. Get some space!
Your computer can get crowded very easily with things that are not used or were supposed to be temporary. The tool here is called Disk Cleanup. To use this tool:
1. Click Start, then All Programs, click Accessories, click Systems Tools, and then click Disk Cleanup. Then specify the drive you want to clean and wait for the program to analyze the disk.
2. A dialog box will appear where you will be asked to select which files will be deleted in the Files to delete list, here you can chose to keep something or just get rid of everything. Check only those you want to delete and click OK.
3. You might be prompted to confirm the operation, if so click Yes. A few minutes later the process will complete and close the dialog box.
Tip #2. Check for errors.
Hard drives can develop bad sectors, these can slow down data writing or saving. To scan our disk for errors we use the Error Checking utility. To use this tool:
1. Click Start, then Computer.
2. Right-click the hard disk you want to scan, then select and click Properties.
3. In the dialog box, click the Tools tab, then click the Check Now button.
4. In the next dialog box, select the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors option and click Start.
5. This will start the process; if any bad sectors are found choose to fix/recover/repair them.
6. When finished close any remaining windows.
Tip #3. Dispose of bugs and protect your computer.
Spyware, malware, adware, viruses and much other nasty software pose a threat to your confidentiality and can hinder your computer task speed and performance. There are tons of Malicious Software Removal Tools available, even if most of them are quite effective, you may want to consult technical forums to see the user reviews of them and I would recommend also see specialized sites which contains technical reviews of these programs so you can find the best one that suits your budget. Those programs have their own guide to help you.
Tip #4. Organize and Consolidate your Disk.
As a busy office, if the disk is well organized and all papers are in their proper place, everything runs smoother and faster. The tool to use here is Disk Defragmenter. (In some cases this task is already scheduled on a regular basis by default, here we assume is not)
1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools, and finally click Disk Defragmenter.
2. In the dialog box click the drive you want to defragment, the click Analyze Disk.
3. After it finished a dialog appears recommending or not defragmentation based on the results obtained, to begin the task click Defragment Disk. You will be able to monitor the process in the Current Status Area, under the Progress column. After completing results are displayed.
4. To display a detailed report of the results click View Report, when finished then click Close to exit the dialog box.
5. To close the utility just click the Close button on the title bar.
I recommend doing this basic maintenance in a regular basis so your computer's performance keeps up to the task.
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