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Thursday, 25 April 2013

3 Ways To Get Your Blog Read

It's frustrating when you write a blog and nobody reads it, so what measures can you take to get your blog read?
When writing a blog it is important to remember that it can take a long time, even months, for your blog to rank and be shown on Google. It is a case of having to be consistent in writing a blog every day until eventually your blogs actually start to rank. So what can you do in the meantime to drive traffic to your blog quicker, especially if you want to make money from blogging?
Here are 3 ways to help get your blog read;
1. Let Your Social Media Followers Know
Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a great way to promote your blog. Simply include a link to your blog within your post or tweet and your followers will be click on the link. If you have engaged well with your followers then many of them will take the time to read your blog, especially if you have always provided good quality content.
Posting a quick 5-10 minute video using the same keywords as your blog can also be an effective way of getting your blog read as lots of people use keywords to search for videos on sites like YouTube. Therefore your video can be found and viewed by a large audience without even having ranked on search engines like Google. Take care to also include a link within your YouTube video.
2. Post On Forums
Posting your blogs on forums can also be an effective way of making sure that your blog gets read. Simply join forums that are niche to your topic and start engaging with other users by commenting on other people’s content and posting your own content too. Warrior forum and Betternetworker forums are examples of forums that are niche for work from home or internet marketing opportunities.
3. Document Sharing
Document sharing is another great way to promote your blog. Simply use a site like to format your blog into a pdf document or a PowerPoint. You can then share the document on to document sharing sites. Some examples of effective document sharing sites are docstoc, box and slideshare.
Driving traffic to your blog through ranking on the search engines is a long term success plan and will eventually reap rewards if you remain consistent in your efforts. However if you want to get your blog read sooner, especially if you want to make money blogging, then using the above methods will help you to attract readers to your blog straight away.
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