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Thursday, 25 April 2013

3 Steps To BLOG Your Way to a Dream Career at Home

Applying a solution to common problems is the way to go in any business including blogging but one of the elements that blogging guru's really leave out of the equation is the requisite talent required to pull together all the necessary pieces to be a financially successful blogger (writing skills, creative skills, marketing skills, experience, etc.).
Remarkable, original blogs (and writing) will win an audience. Then we just have to understand what needs our blogs are meeting and who their audiences are if we want to monetize them.
1)If you want to make money in the real world, solve real problems. 
You need a niche market that people are interested and that can offer decent organic traffic. The fact that people are searching the Internet in order to find solutions to their problems is no longer a secret. See what the problems are in your niche market and offer as much free advices and content as you can. For example an entrepreneur may want to make more money ( return on investment), less hassle, ease of change, easily transition into ownership.
2)Build a relationship with your readers. 
Bloggers who make any kind of money are just building trust and credibility with their readers. In other words, it's not blogging that makes you money; it's the relationship you build with your readers.
Blog to build a relationship. Use the relationship to discover a need. Solve a need to make money... oh wait. That sounds like a business model.
3)You need a business model.
 If you approach blogging as a business, you can learn to make money with it. If you don't have a strong business model, you're not going to make money and just being popular doesn't mean that you make money. If you simply refuse to quit until you make money, and you accept that you may need to try different approaches until you get it right, you'll make it work. If you approach it as a way to get famous, or you fall in love with any one topic/persona/approach, your odds start to get worse.

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