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Friday, 19 April 2013

The Rush of Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle Racing is a recreational and extreme sport that gives adrenaline rush to both amateur and professional racers. Riding efficiently on two wheels is one of the best ways to achieve the fastest land speed. This can also cause one's adrenaline to surge to the highest peak. The latest and fastest record was set by the rider, Rocky Robinson from U.S.A. at 376.363 miles per hour during September 2010.
Racing using a motorcycle includes at least three major categories. These are track racing, road racing and off-road racing. Both road racing and off-road racing can be performed on circuits or open courses. These two types can contribute to more adrenaline excitement. In my opinion, I believe the most popular today is the Motorcycle Grand Prix road racing. This type further subdivides itself according to the capacity of motorcycle engine as Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP.
The newest form of motorcycle racing is the Motorcycle Grand Prix Moto3 category. This was introduced last year and allows 250cc four-stroke motorcycle engines to compete against one another. Meanwhile, the 600cc four-stroke motorcycles first participated in the Moto2 category in the year 2010. Dorna Sports was the commercial rights holder of the Moto2 contest. On the other hand, the MotoGP, permits 1000cc four-stroke prototype motorcycles to race against each other.
Comparatively, I found out that there is an equally popular type of motor racing in many countries. This is the Motocross which is a motorcycle road racing type done off-road. The closed circuits of Motocross Racing are fabricated by non-tarmac surfaces. The surfaces include grass, sand, mud, and dirt. Sometimes, around 40 riders speed through specialized jumps that literally send them flying. Then, they go through a series of varying elevations.Drag racing or sprinting is the most common type of moto racing. Any ordinary motorcycle rider can join this kind of race. The common mass-produced and top-fuel motorcycles can compete in this race.
Many of us would want to engage in motorcycle racing. Moto Racing is an extreme and dangerous sport. In most countries, new aspirants are required to take an eye test and pay membership fees to a promulgating association. Then, as new riders, we must show a higher pace of our average speed while we go through the first regular track day rides. This will build up a good riding experience.
The practice of racing using motorcycles has been around for many years. The birth of automobile sports like car racing can also trace its beginnings from motorcycle sports racing. This sprouted from the seeds of men's industrial and mechanical revolution. With the desire for the adrenalin rush it brings, riders should also take into consideration that this type of racing has high risks involved. Therefore, treating it with the highest precaution and attaining the professional riding experience is always necessary.

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