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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Ten Things to Ask Your Health Insurance Company

Hi all of u myself  Manohar patil I just going to write a blog for u about insurance when we go for health insurance then we have to lots of questions in our mind. Like which type of insurance? which company is good for health insurance? Which package is good for us?  Abcd all questions in our mind but here I give all of you a solution for u that what are the things we remember when we go for health insurance.
First important thing is
1. Health coverage
Health coverage is most important things in health insurance Is Accident expenses, outpatient treatment expenses, ambulance charges, maternity care and surgery are some of the essentials that a basic health plan should comprise of.
Second important thing is
2. Health Insurance benefits
Health insurance benefits are most important factor in health insurance what types of benefits are there in health insurance?
Third important thing is
3. Maximum renewal age
When you buy health insurance to avert the rising health care payout in the old age. If the policy is terminated well before the time you need it the most, there is no use of buying it. Right the way for health insurance we required maximum renewal age.
4. Co-pay limit in each treatment
In each treatment insurance company should pay all amounts to hospital expenses like ambulance, surgery, operation expenses. its most important thing in health insurance.
5. sum assurance amount should be upgrade
Medical inflation on the increase of 17 to 20% annually can leave your present sum insured obsolete in the coming years. The insurance company should provide the option of upgrading the sum insured at later stages would be a viable choice.
6 change in premium
Premium amount increases with the increase in your age. Besides this rate chart, you should be kept informed of all factors that can lead to increase or decrease in your cost of availing services .It should all responsibility for insurance company to provide u all information about the increase or decrease of your premium.
7. Freedom of choosing a health care provider
This liberty would help you to avail the health treatment as per your preferences and not according to your health insurance provider. It’s should according to your requirements.
8. Claims allowed annually and claim procedure
Although all insurance companies work on similar lines with the rules laid by IRDA, there should be claims allowed annually and claim procedure also simple.
9. Cashless hospitalization
If there is you  have any issues it should be solving cashless or without fees…
10. Exclusions and waiting period
You buy a health plan for specific coverage but chances stand that insurance provider excludes that disease or covers it after a certain waiting period. Hence, inquire about these exclusions and waiting period as well, in advance.
If there is health insurance all in the world no one look like poor in the world.
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