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Sunday, 22 September 2013

10 Things to Lower Your Car Insurance

Hi all of you in the last blog we seen Health Insurance and now I have to write about car insurance what is car insurance and how we lower the car insurance.
1.     Safe deriving (Be a safe Driver) = whenever u drive be a safe driver means u have to safe first u then u will save all. you should know about “safe drive stay alive”
2.     Attend a driver safety course.=Your certificate from the course will be a signal to your insurance company that you are dedicated to safe driving habits, and then demonstrate them by being a safe driver. Also keep your vehicle maintained properly so that it will continue to operate safely. You should have attend a safety driver training.
3.      Stop smoke, drink ,attend call=. Smoking is a distraction while driving which means it is a higher risk. Either do not smoke in the car, or better, stop all together. Drinking alcohol obvious avoidance at least while driving; better if it is avoided all together. Avoid attend a call also when driving. you should also know “Cigarettes smoking is injurious to the health”.

4.     Anti-theft equipment =Install anti-theft equipment on your car. It’s very important things.
5.     Know the exact mileage=If you use your car in your profession, see if the company will issue a company car or change your profession. The more you are on the road; the higher your risk will be that you will be involved in an incident. If you just commute, know your commute miles and report them accurately to your insurance company. If your car is only used occasionally rather than daily, advise the insurance company. Know the exact or at least approximate mileage.
6.      Safe vehicle= when you buying a vehicle then buy a safe vehicle. Cars carry standard safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Consult their safety ratings if you are considering a new or used car purchase.
7.      Old car have minimum liability= If you own an older car of significantly reduced value, have coverage of minimum liability only.
8.     Park in a garage=Park in your garage if you have one. this will discourage auto thieves and will lower the risk of freak incidents like a downed tree, hail damage, etc are the reasons.
9.     Insurance bill= Be credit worthy with a higher credit score. If your other bills ar

e paid on time, so is your insurance bill.
10.   Address= address the policy with reduction tactics. Increase your deductibles. Remove superfluous policy additions you do not use. Buy a policy with a single, annual payment rather than month to month.
These are the all things how to lower the CAR INSURANCE and still have all the coverage you need.

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