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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How To Write High Quality Articles That Attract Attention --MANOHAR

Writing can be a hobby, an interest, or an occupation. Many people are capable of writing quality articles but have no idea where to begin or are not confident with their fluency in the language. That’s what this article is about; how to write high quality articles that attract attention. Do you believe that you can be a quality writer? Do you want to be a quality writer?
If you look at writing in a technical viewpoint, yes, it can be difficult but that is only when it comes to the rules of language and grammar, which you can learn quickly. Many people have stated that they are excellent speakers but that does not necessarily hold true for writing. A person can be good at speaking but not at writing, and vice versa. Everyone is capable of becoming a writer given they are willing to learn the process of writing an article step by step.
Here are some tips:
1. Audience: Think about the audience that will be reading your article. If you were in their shoes, would you read what you are writing? Keep in mind that you want your audience to read your article all the way through to the end.
2. Brainstorming and Research: Think about the topic you will write and the information you want to put in the article. This will help you create a flow of the article and narrow down the research that you will be doing to gather all the data that will be put into your article.
3. Title: Create a title that is interesting and thought provoking so as to get the attention of the readers. At the same time, the title also has to relay what kind of information the readers will be getting out of the article. As a reader yourself, would you actually read an article whose title is very technical and boring?
4. Introduction: The introduction is there to inform the readers what they will be learning as they read the article. Keep the introduction short but concise and simple enough to understand. There is no need to use complicated words because then you will be narrowing down your audience. The same goes for the rest of the article.
5. Body: This is where you will put all the information that you have gathered in your research. Remember to write it as if you were explaining it in your own words because this makes the article more relatable and easy to understand. The content of your article should also be entertaining and at the same time educational. In the body, there are many ways to write, but if the article is for the internet, you can use bullets or numbering. By doing this, you make the information more concise and easier for the audience to read, and at the same time, giving yourself structure and you will know what will come next, creating a good flow to your writing and to the readers. Also, remember to take a pause in between your paragraphs. When paragraphs are lengthy with little white space, readers tend to lose interest in the article.
6. Conclusion: Recap the information that you have given in the entire article briefly. This is where you explain to the readers the main points of your article and the importance of the information you shared with them. When you end your article, you can also give them a few words or questions to make them think about the article and what they have learned from it and maybe how they can use this information to solve a problem or improve a situation.
7. Proofreading: When you are done writing your article, you will learn, as a writer, that proofreading is essential in the process. You should go back and read the entire article again to ensure that there are no errors with your grammar, punctuation, or sentence construction. If there are areas in your article that you feel , make sense or are out of place, then you can edit them or omit them. When going through the proofreading process, you can make sure for yourself that the article that you will be posting is at its best.
As you are learning how to write high quality articles that attract attention, you will also learn that you will not be able to grasp all of it overnight. It will take time and errors along the way before you become an expert at it. The most important thing about writing is that there is always room to improve. As a writer, you will have an audience, and these readers will be able to give you feedback with regards to your writing because as readers, they are now the judges or critics of your work. Their feedback can be very helpful to you as a writer.
These are merely tips to help you learn the basic process of writing a quality article. Using these tips, you will also be able to work faster and have direction throughout the processes of writing quality articles. No matter how advanced the writing style or the article, these fundamental elements of writing will always be there. So, continue exploring the endless possibilities of your writing and remember that practice makes perfect.
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